Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is my daughter Jeannette holding her precious Christmas gift that she received, his name is DJ and he is a Pekingese, she was so happy since this is what she wanted and my son-in-law was going crazy going to every animal shelter in Greenville looking for a Pekingese dog and he finally found DJ(this was the name he had when he was adopted so she decided to keep the name he responded to) poor DJ was so nerveous after being in a cage and finally having a loving home with my daughter, he is 3 years old.

He loves being around her boys and the boys are crazy about him, he is such a good dog. About nine years ago my daughter had found another Pekingese that was black and a little older at another animal shelter, she fell in love with him and his name was Finnigan, but he died before my grandson Grant was born and she got so upset and emotional because she loved him so much and had him for eight years. So all she wanted for Christmas was another Pekingese since they are so lovable and what better places to go than animal shelters and look around and see who needs a loving home. So now Jeannette is happy and DJ is also happy to have a loving mama and a loving family that love him. DJ follows her everywhere, I guess because he is adjusting to his new family and home.

This is one of my other best Christmas gift that I received this year and it is a 12x14 picture of my other two grandchildren that live in Texas, Haven is 12 and Trinity is 8 WOW how times goes by. Since they were not able to come for the Holidays, my son Harold sends us a picture of the grandchildren every year so that I can frame and hang in the family picture wall going up the stairs. It is so amazing how fast children grow. My other best Christmas gift was spending Christmas with my daughter and son-in-law and my other two grandchildren Alex and Grant. We feel so blessed by God to for these beautiful gift he has given us.


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Beautiful Family ! I hope you have a Blessed New Years !

blueladie said...

Great pics. What a great gift. BJ and your daughter look so happy together. What a wonderful gift (pic of your grandchildren). TFS Cathryn

Natalia said...

Vilma, what a compassionate thing to do !! I am so happy that your son in law rescued this doggie and gave him to your daughter as a Christmas gift. He sure made BJ's Christmas !!! There is nothing like the love and loyalty of a little dog that has been rescued.
I love the picture of your grandchildren !! We get so wrapped up in buying gifts and spend so much money, when a simple picture has so much more meaning. Good for you !
Happy New Year !!! My goal is to finish The Shepherd and the Shepherdess in 2011.

Anonymous said...


What a sweet doggie, love the photo of your daughter. You're right she is beautiful. You also have four beautiful grandchildren and I know you're a proud grandma. Glad to hear that your holidays were good, look forward to seeing your new designs in the new year.

Love ya,
Tracy Y.

Alma Allen said...

Hi Vilma,

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. Love the picture of your grandkids! They look so sweet.

Have you been enjoying your ipad? I got one too and am finding it's pretty fun.

tender rose said...

I would enjoy if also in my country more people would be so generous with animals.You are a beautiful family