Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Mary Ann sent me scans of her ATS and while the paste job isn't the best (Sorry Mary Ann) you can certainly see the wonderful stitching that she has done. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful progress with us. Be sure to click on it to get a good look on Mary Ann's beautiful
work, personally I think the golden color linen gives it a beautiful antique look.

Mary Ann states that she

"started this design a number of years ago, and worked thru most of Pg3 ... picked it up again this year and have progressed into the 'last scene'.

Fabric: 35ct hand dyed from the Scarlet Letter (it is a golden tone fabric)
Fibers: GAST, mostly the colors as charted except where they did not contrast well with the fabric, or the dyelot just did not work as well as another color hanging on the shelf. There was a 'gold' color that was more muddy brown and I did not use it for the crowns, for instance."


Debra R was kind enough to send me photos of two of her finishes.

Debra said:

"One is the EVIL SERPENT SAMPLAR - this was such a fun stitch to do - easy and fun. I loved the colors in it just because they were a little different. I used Vintage Country Mocha for this piece and loved how it came out. I stitched this for what I hope someday will be my Adam and Eve Sampler wall. The Adam and Eve wall idea actually came from stitching And They Sinned."

Then came AND THEY SINNED. She said:

"I enjoyed every stitch - every inch of ATS! It was like going on a fantastic stitching adventure. I used 35 count Elegant Bean and the threads that you suggested. When I was finished, I felt such a huge loss. I missed visiting with this piece every chance I had to sit down. It now hangs at the bend in my back staircase, so I can look at it each and every day. I have to say, without a doubt, this has been my most favorite piece to stitch."

Thank you Debra. It was a lot of work to design but also a lot of fun. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Monday, July 27, 2009


This design was stitched on 34 count Devonshire
Cream Legacy linen, using one ply of floss from
Crescent Colours over two threads of linen. Model
was stitched by Leslie Detjen.

Stitch count is 176w X 197h

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I just heard from Doris B. sharing a photo of her completed And They Sinned. I especially liked the way she signed it. She was also telling me that her Mom and sister are each stitching it as well! Isn't that a wonderful idea for a SAL? Thank you Doris for sharing this wonderful finish. Be sure to send me photos of your Mom's and sister's when they are done.

Doris stitched hers on 40 Lambswool Linen using the called for fibers (mostly). She said she made a few minor changes but that is great. I love people to personalize their pieces. Click for a closeup.

Here is a bit of a closeup on her bottom section where she personalized it. Doris, I love what you did.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Having Fun!

I am having so much fun seeing all your photos. Thank you all for sharing your wip photos as well as your finished pieces. Please keep sharing with me. I know that everyone else is enjoying seeing them also.


My friend Joann M. has sent me more photos and I am so enjoying them. Joann is a dear friend from the Legacy BB that I *met* many years ago. She had loaned many of her pieces to an LNS which burned down and she lost most of her work. Now she has begun to restitch them all again. Thank you, Joann for sharing all these wonderful photos with me and allowing me to share them with everyone here.

First her EFTH wall! Love how you have arranged them all. Top left is Flowers of Joy, then Mermaid of the Sea. Bottom left is ESH 1793 Sampler and then The Windmill.

A closeup of Flowers of Joy:

A closeup of the ESH 1793 Sampler:

And lastly Quaker Heart:

Kiki's TRINITY progress pictures

Kiki is making great progress on Trinity and she has shared more photos with us. Here is her progress so far along with a closeup to show the wonderful colors. Great work Kiki. Keep the photos coming.


GUIDANCE from Beth H.

Beth also sent me a photo of her wip. This is Guidance which she is stitching on 40 ct silk gauze! I love the look of this. Just lovely. Thank you Beth for your photo. You stitching is fabulous. The piece is absolutely beautiful, I am astonished that you are not only stitching this
one over one but doing all that filling in, your work is amazing.

ATS by Beth H.

Beth was also kind enough to send me a picture of her finished piece of And They Sinned. It is shown here with her beautiful daughter Madeline. Isn't she just the cutest thing? Love that smile. Wonderful stitching Beth! Thank you for sharing your photos. Beth finished her ATS in March of 2007, she stitched her design in my 35 count Bedrock linen witn GAT.
Please tell Madeline that she is not only beautiful but makes a wonderful model.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Model was stitched on a half yard linear cut
hand-dyed linen with 28 color of GAT. I have
received so many pictures of this design stitched
in so many counts of linen, even one over one.
People have sent me pictures where they won
blue ribbons on this design.

When Anna and I came up with this design it was
just going to be the upper part of Adam and Eve,
then the idea hit me when I saw that part stitched
on such a long piece of linen, why not continue
stitching it as a band samplar and add more biblical
scenes to it and put the figure of a woman with the
lion and the lamb, to show peace between animals
and humans. Anna Baird did such an exceptional
work on this design, but unfortunately did not live
long enough to see what a tremendous impact this
design had on the market. Anna died from cancer
two months after this design was released.

Stitch count is 169w X 809h


This is a limited edition graph which includes
3 buttons dyed to match the colors of DMC.
Model was stitched on 32 count hand-dyed linen
with WDW and DMC threads, the buttons were
made for this design by Button Frenzy.

Stitch count is 96w X 107h

Monday, July 20, 2009


Gill was very gracious and sent me a photo of her wip of her Forgiveness. It is stitched on 34 count Cafe Au Lait from Legacy Linen using DMC floss. Thank you so much Gill. Wonderful work.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This samplar would be a wonderful gift to stitch
for a wonderful friend or friends, or you can change
it to parents, brothers, sisters, your children or
grandchildren. Model was stitched on 35 count
hand-dyed linen, with Eterna Silk threads, with
a DMC and ANCHOR conversion.

Stitch count is 126w X 69h

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sandy's Me and Thee Heart

Sandy has graciously sent me a photo of her Me and Thee Heart.
It was stitched using silks on Linen by Sassy - 36 ct.

I love to see photos of your work. Whether wip's or finished designs. Please continue to send me them to me so I can share them with everyone here on my blog.

Friday, July 17, 2009


This has been such a popular design and
still is even though it is an oldie. Model
was stitched on 35 count hand-dyed linen,
using DMC threads.

Stitch count is 159h X 122w

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Don't we all need to thank God for all the blessings
he gives us in our life in so many ways and forms.

This design was stitched on 35 count hand-dyed line,
using WDW threads.

The stitch count is 207w X133h

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I really do not know much about the history
of this samplar. It resembles some of the
Westtown School samplars, the strong Quaker
influence is reflected in it subdued colors with
the halved geometric motifs.

The reproduction was stitched on a 35 count
hand-dyed linen with Eterna Silk threads with
a DMC and Anchor conversion. The stitch count
on this design is 124w X 168h

Monday, July 13, 2009


I wanted to design a samplar for my sister's
and this is what I did, I think sister's do not
tell themselves how much we love them (I have
4) I do not see them very often, but when we
get together we have a wonderful time.
This design was stitched on 29 count hand-dyed
Muffin from The Heart's Content, using Eterna
Silks with a perfect conversion to DMC.

You could also add the verse in a diferent way,
"Nobody said because we are mother and
daughters we could not also be best friends"

Stitch count is 123w X 122h


This is an oldie design with a tree,
verse, squirrels, butterflies, alphabets
and two sheeps, model was stitched
on 36 count hand-dyed linen with
GAT threads.

Stitch count is 93w X 137h


Kiki from North Carolina sent me a photo of her Trinity. She is using the suggested silks on undyed linen. She is trying to get a SAL started so if you would like to join her just let me know! The chart can be ordered from Kathy at Thank you Kiki for sharing your progress with me. Your stitching is beautiful. Please keep sharing your photos with me. Click on the photos for a better look.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


A very primitive design, it was stitched on 40 count hand-dyed linen with GAT, with a conversion to DMC and ANCHOR.

Stitch count is 145w X 120w


This design has alphabets, hearts, crown flowers,
birds with a cat watching them on top of the
fence, butterfly and a swan swimming on a
peaceful lake. Model was stitched on 35 count
hand-dyed linen, using GAT, with a DMC

Stitch count is 185w X 127h

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I ordered these wonderful acorn threadholders,
heart threadholders, celtic flower threadwinder
a variety of beautiful scissors and some needle

They are from Kelmscott, four days after I placed
my order, I received my package. The service you
get is unique. If you are interested in seeing the
great variety they have you can see it at their
website , their e-mail
is the acorns and
heart thread holders are a wonderful size and have
a nice weight to them and I love all their scissors.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I designed this samplar for my niece Tracy Savoie
who loves cats. Model was stitched on 35 count
hand-dyed linen using GAT with a DMC conver-

Stitch count is 118w X 145h


I have little information about this antique samplar which was stitched in 1809, I found it at a antique center rolled up and stuffed in a corner box, there is no name on this samplar and the antique one had a rusty needle at the bottom that I took off, but when reproduced I put the needle in the same place as the antique one.

The reproduction was stitched on 30 Mugglestone linen with DMC threads, the stitch count on
this design is 88w X 197h


Going to the beach is the best therapy for
relaxing, resting and enjoying the family.

Monday, July 6, 2009


These are some pictures we took in New Orleans, when we visited
my older sister Milu (Maria) and brother-in-law Magnel, also our
wonderful niece and nephew Tracy and Brent, who have a camp house
and decorated it so beautiful and it is by the water if you go out on
the deck, is where Jeannette, Steve and the boys stayed. Also we
had so much seafood fixed in every way and form it was so delicious,
and New Orleans is the place for it.

These pictures are of Alex, Grant, Jeannette and her husband Steve.
I am waiting for some pictures of my sister and niece and the rest
of the family.

We had the best Christmas and New Year's of our life because we
were able to be with our loved ones who we had not seen in a long
time. So dear Sis if you see this know how much I love and miss you.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


This design is full a Quaker motifs with alphabets
and a wonderful border. Model was stitched in
35 count hand-dyed linen, with Crescent Colours.
A conversion of DMC is included.

Stitch count is : 234w X 300h

Friday, July 3, 2009


Model was stitched on 32 count hand-dyed
linen, using GAT with a DMC and ANCHOR
conversion. Embellishments from JUST
MY IMAGINATION were used on this design.

Stitch count is 102w X 165h

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Melissa Epp just sent me her photo of Tulip For My Love which she stitched as a 25th Anniversary piece. She did a fantastic job of it. Thank you, Melissa for sharing this with me. If you would like to read what Melissa says about it you can visit her blog at


WISDOM is back from the framers and has
been photograph and it is now at the printers
and will be packed tonight for shipping.

Model was stitched on 40 count linen withsilk with a DMC conversion.

Stitch count is 140w X 150h

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This sampler I dedicated it to my husband for
his great support, help and encouragement in
what I do. You too can dedicate this sampler to
your husband, mother, father, daughter or son,
it can also be stitched as a dedication to a anni-
versary or birthday of your loved ones or an
announcement of an engagement or a wedding.

Model was stitched on 35 count hand-dyed linen
with GAT with a DMC conversion. The stitch
count on this design is 214w X 81h


This design was stitched on 32 count
hand-dyed linen using DMC threads.
The grass area on this design is finished
in satin stitches.

Stitch count is 111w X 137h


Black Swan was stitched on 30 count hand-dyed
linen with Olde Willow threads, a conversion
for DMC is included.

Stitch count is 114w X 118h