Saturday, November 20, 2010


I received an early Xmas gift from my wonderful husband that was on my Xmas list, well the thruth is I had to force him to give it to me since I did not want to wait until Xmas, so he gave in and I am so happy, happy since I have wanted a iPad since they first came out. In the box was a generous gift certificate from Amzon and Barnes and Nobles so I can download the BIG LIST of books I wanted. The
other gift on my wishlist is a Tablet computer from HP, where the screen rotates and can also lay flat. I know  he has gotten it for me but the problem is I have not been able to convince him to hand it over, yes that is the way I phrase it to him but I am having trouble in getting it, so I guess I will have to look at all the hidding places in the house, because I do not have the patience to wait until Christmas :( :( I know patiance is a virtue I do not have.

I have also been so busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays coming and trying to get my list of Christmas finished since I like to do my shopping early and not get caught in the rush, when everybody is going crazy and you cannot even walk in the mall or find a parking space. That is the only thing that drives me bananas during the holidays. But thank goodness I am almost finish.

So with all this going on, I have not been able to do anything involving needlework :(  :( but then I also
needed a break and do other things that were a priority right now.

I wish everyone of you a blessed Thanksgiving, may God bless you all and your family in such a wonderful holiday and give thanks to God for all his blessings, even though for me everyday I get up is  a blessing which I thank God for.

This has also been another project I have been doing at home. I bought this comforter with the ruffle and pillow shams because I fell in love with the color. The color is like when you slice a sweet and ripe dark watermelon inside, but it is not red, well I went to Home Depot and see if they could do a paint match of the comforter and they did a wonderful color match, so I have just gone bananas redecorating this guest bedroom and love the way it turned out. I also used three diferent kind of materials with the same color scheme, they blended wonderful so I had the sofa redone in a antique gold, the cushions in diferent patterns, but most of all I love the two oil paintings above the bed and the two angel figurines that I fell in love with as soon as I saw them.

So now I am busy redoing the other guest room, but more in a Victorian style, I fell in love with a beautiful paint color that kind of resembles DMC 930 and I want to do the compliments in the color white. When I finish I will take some pictures and share them and see what you all think.