Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some More Samplers

This is another of my wips that I took out, I also started this one years ago, but I want to finish stitching it afterI finish AAWFAA. This is a oop design from Sheepish Designs and it was designed by Cindy Bradford years ago when she was with SD.

I started this on a 35 count linen with AVS threads. Back then I started collecting all the SD and I am glad I have them all since since the very first one was released, since now they are out of print and there are still a couple of them that I want to stitch.

I wanted to share one of my five antique samplers that I own, this one is from Eliza Lee and it is dated 1841. It was stitched on a 55 gauze linen with silk threads and it has a very nice verse. The reason I bought it was because it was dated with the name of the stitcher.

The verse reads: We seek a rest beyond the grave, In everlasting day, Through floods and flames the passage lies, But Jesus guides the way.  I might reproduce it one day.


This is another of my personal stitched samplers, that I enjoyed stitching, I stitched it on a handwoven linen from the Scarlet Letter with AVS silk fibers, it has some specialty stitches, especially one over one, but frankly I do not remember who reproduced it, since I stitched it about 14 years ago.

AGNES ELAND HICK 1858                              
This is another of my personal finished samplers, it
is a Quaker reproduction and only called for three
colors of threads. I stitched it on 45 count linen using
AVS silks, I stiched it a long time ago, but I have been
looking for the graph to see who reproduced it, but I
cannot find it. I know it is somewhere, oh well I guess
it will show up one of these days.

Monday, October 26, 2009


On Saturday we had a Stitching Birthday Party get together for Kathy the Madstitcher and her friend Angel.  We gathered at Kathy's house and there were 8 of us there including our honorary member of the Sisterhood, Jason, Kathy's wonderful and delightful son. I finally got to meet all of Kathy's friends that she talks about all the time.  There was Kiki, Angel, Tracy, Angela, Bunny, Kathy, and myself along with Jason who tried to hide and stay out of the way but we kept needing him to move things, carry things and, of course, have birthday cake with us.  He really should know that a good looking man can't get too far away from a bunch of women!  We had a wonderful meal cooked by Kiki and Kathy and then the cake.  I brought  Kathy's birthday cake with me since I have a fabulous bakery near me who
still makes the genuine buttercream frosting!  It was sinfully good and we all enjoyed it--even though we shouldn't have.  We then had presents and lots and lots of laughter.  We enjoyed lots of sharing of wips and finished pieces.  Tracy showed us a wonderful sampler she had stitched and made into a 25th Anniversary sampler (Jardin d'jour by Needlemania) where Kathy had charted out the personalization for it  Bunny was crocheting a wonderful afghan as a gift for a friend.  Angela was making a Towel cake for a wedding shower and it turned out simply fabulous.  Then she started making a "Marge Simpson" wig for Halloween.  She was so funny in it.  She promised to send us all photos of herself on Saturday night.  Angel was stitching on an autumn sampler that was done in beautiful vibrant fall colors.  I look forward to seeing it finished.  Kathy has been suffering from Shingles and wasn't feeling very well but she managed to do a bit of stitching on the casket she is doing.  It looks wonderful and I hope she will share it with us all when she finishes it.  She is so talented!   Kiki was working on Trinity and I was so glad to see it in person!  She is doing a fantastic job of it.  It is so much prettier in real life than any photos can show.  I did bring my AAWFAA and show it to the group.  I do love it so much.

I made Kathy show me some of her finished pieces and was very impressed with the cabinet she has displaying all her smalls and boxes.  I managed to get a picture of it where the flash didn't distort it too much.  o I thought I would show it to you so you could see how talented Kathy really is.  
Don't you think it is wonderful?  She has done several boxes and I just love the Mermaid Box and the pin keep, scissors pouch and fob.  There are so many beads and sparklies on it and it is finished inside with Dupioni Silk.  I just love it!   I stayed until almost 8:00pm just talking, laughing, and getting to know all my new "sisters".  They are such a wonderful group of ladies.  I cannot wait till the next time we get together.  Maybe we will actually get more stitching done then.

By the time I got home I was so tired.  I just wanted to go to bed.  But it was a good tired.  I enjoyed meeting my new friends.  Even my husband, Harold, commented on how nice everyone is and he wants me to continue to get together with them whenever I can.


Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here are some pictures I took on Grant's 1st little birthday
party, since it was just the family and it was on a Monday,
we decided to make some noise for him and we did a little
barbecue party, Alex played the guitar and we sang happy
birthday to him. Grant had alot of fun since we all fussed
over him to make him feel important on his special day, we
all had alot of fun and Grant as you can see, really enjoyed
eating his cupcake, his way and all by himself.



This is another progress picture of All Was For An Appil,
I have not been able to stitch on it as much as I would like,
but at least I got part of the tree almost done and need to
stitch Adam's hair. I am really enjoying stitching this piece
and it was a shame that I had it as a wip for so many year,
but I have decided to get all my wips finished that I have had
to put aside for so long. Between house work, yard work,
laundry, babysitting (I love doing that) and working, time
just seems to fly by so quick, that before I know it, I am so
tired that I need to give my body some rest and seek my bed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Kiki has very generously sent me more wip photos of her TRINITY.  She is coming along with it especially since this is her lunchtime project at work.  Her stitching is  just beautiful.  Thank you, Kiki, for sharing your photos with us. A group of stitching friends
will be gathering at Kathy's (madstitcher) house this Saturday
to celebrate her birthday. I will have the honor to finally meet
Kiki at the all day birthday stitching party.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Mindy G. was kind enough to send me photos of her work to share with you. First is Love The Truth. She said that this was one of her all time favorite samplers.

Next  is her wip of Resurrection.  Mindy does such beautiful work Thank you Mindy, for sharing these wonderful photos with us.


This is 'ANGELS AMONG US' my new release for
the end of October. The design was stitched on 40
count linen with silk fibers. My many thanks to Mindy
Gooding for stitching the model and her great stitching.

Stitch count: 250w X183h

I dedicated this design to my nieces Tiffany and Sarah.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some of The Stitcherhood designs

Just a picture of some of the graphs that I bought from Maria
"The Stitcherhood" since I liked them because I could do
some quick stitching for friends and families. You can check
out her other designs at and check
out  her blog for her nice
little freebies that she offers once in a while, she is a real sweet
person and a new friend.

This is another of my personal stitched samplers, it is from
Sheepish Designs and as you can see from the date on the
sampler, I stitched it a long time ago.

This is also one of my personal stitching samplers, it is also
from Sheepish Designs Antiques, but I personalized it
with my name and the date I finished it, so yes I have been
stitching for a while now and I have always loved samplers
since I like to display them in my home. You will notice
that this design came out more wide than the original one,
but that is because I used unevenweave hand woven linen
from the Scarlet Letter.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is another of my personal stitched samplers, it is from the Scarlet Letter.  I stitched this sampler on 40 count linen with AVS silks, it included some specialty stitches. Instead of using Ann Greanwalt  name, I personalized it with my name.


This is my finished sampler of Elizabeth Mansfield 1792, that I stitched years ago, I used 40 count hand-dyed linen and AVS silks. I love this sampler for the history since it was stitched by a lady in waiting of the queen during the reign of king George III, which you can see his initials between the crown on the cushion. This design is from the Scarlet Letter.


These are some samplers that I have stitched thru the years and I just wanted to share them with you, since not only do I design samplers but I love to stitch other samplers also. I will keep posting pictures of my stitched pieces and also of some antique samplers I have. I wish you all a happy weekend and may you
stitch alot.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This one is from the Scarlet Letter, I bought it as a kit with silk fibers. I really loved it since it is a more modern version of Adam and Eve under the tree of life, with the exception that instead of them being naked, they are dressed.


I want to start sharing with you all, some of my finished personal samplers little by little since I have received lots of e-mails of people asking me, what have I personally stitched for me. This is an antique reproduction from Sheepish Designs that I really enjoyed stitching, It is Phebe Tree 1823. I stitched it on 40 count linen with AVS silks.