Thursday, December 17, 2009


It is kind of a tradition that during every Friday of December,
I fix a nice dinner for the kids and then we sit around and
and let the grandchildren open one gift. This year it is Grant's
first Christmas that he will be enjoying and is enjoying it
tremendeously, since last year he was 3 months old and at
that small age they do not know what is going on. This year
he has been so excited about looking at all the houses that
are decorated outside with all kind of lights, santas, deers,
snowmen, that his little head just goes back and forth, he is
having a wonderful time.

I think he is thinking what is going on? what are all these lights?
what are these packages that I am opening with goodies inside?
well I kind of say to myself, Christmas is about children having
a good time, about family getting together, about love and hormony
and mostly about all the blessings God gives us.

We are going through hard times with the economy being so bad,
so we give thanks to God for allowing the gathering of families
and good friends.

God bless you all, Vilma

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Anonymous said...

looks like you had a wonderful time - no matter what the economy or situations going on around us - as long as we have family and those we love around us, I think it is enough! You have a beautiful family. Have a blessed Christmas