Friday, December 11, 2009

Melissa's Windmill Sampler

Melissa was kind enough to share with me a picture
of her finished piece of "The Windmill Sampler, she
stitched her piece on 32 count Nightingale linen by Birds
Of A Feather, floss mostly what was recommended and
added a few of her own. She added GA Old Hickory
for the windmill, Chamomile for the lower branches and
Pumpkin Patch to replace Old Brick. She also swapped
out colours as she felt like it and what worked against the
linen she used, she modified and added some motifs of
her own.

Thank you Melissa for your kindness in sharing a picture
of your finished sampler, it turned out beautiful and loved
the idea of adding other motifs to it.


Jennifer said...

I love it!!! LOVE Dutch samplers. Is this one you designed?


Vilma aka Examplar Dame said...

Hi Jennifer

Yes, The Windmill is one of my
designs, thank you for liking it.

You can go through the blog and look at the model.

Happy holidays, Vilma