Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I would not feel happy if I did not put some of my santa claus collections through the house, I have been collecting them for 22 years now, and still do when I still find those antique ones or the ones that are sculpted by hand or carved from diferent kind of woods.

 I have also put out my lighted churches that I love so much,  some I have bought and some have been a gift, they are collector pieces and I have had them for years, sometimes I leave them all year round since I love looking at them, especially all lighted up at night.

Last but not least a picture of my husband and me, that was taken
at a friends house that had a little Christmas gathering.

So with this post my friends, I want to wish you all a most blessed
Christmas, God bless all of you and give you good health.

Merry Christmas, Vilma


Anonymous said...

I love your Santa collection! Do you keep them out all year round? I have a Santa collection too, but when I moved in with my husband a few years ago, I could tell he wasn't wild about them so most of them are packed away, I have a few that I have managed to keep out all the time around the house with no objection.

Anonymous said...

Your santa collection is extraordinary
Merry Christmas