Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a blessed, happy and joyful Christmas, on Dec. 24th
my daughter Jeannette invited us to a wonderful Christmas late
dinner, and what a grand dinner she had fixed, she is a very
caring and thoughtful daughter who tends to include us on all
the special occasions of her family. When dinner was over, we
went into the family room to enjoy desert and a cup of coffee,
talk and hear Christmas music,   The boys were all excited about
these special days since they were looking forward to the next
day. They went outside to put food for the deers and a plate of
cookies and milk for Santa. We left around 11:00pm to go back
home.  I forgot to mention that it had started to rain since 6:00pm
that day, and well, it was still raining when we got home and it rained
all through the night.

The next morning (Dec.25) it was still raining and cloudy and
my daughter called and woke us up at 8:00am (we were still sleeping)
and told us to get up and come to her house since she had fixed
breakfast (a very nice breakfast) so we got out of bed, comb our
hair, brushed our teeth and just put on a coat over our pajamas and
ran out the house and it was still raining lol lol lol. Well, when
we got there we saw two excited little boys and lots of gifts under
the tree and they just wanted breakfast to be over so we could
start opening the gifts. We had a wonderful time.  My husband and
I just sat back (I was still half asleep) to see the joy and excitement
in Alex and Grant faces.  Frankly Grant who is 15 months old did not
know what it was all about, but he joined the excitement.

Then the opening of  the presents started, goodness, goodness, what
a joy it was to see them tearing those packages and seeing what they
got.   They were so happy. We started putting toys together and playing
with them (thank goodness I was on my second cup of coffee).  But
it was worth it to be blessed and share these special moments in
the children's lives, at least for grandparents.

We finally left around 5:00 pm exhausted and anxious to get back
home and take a long nap. We are so thankful to God for letting us
share family time with our family, since for me Christmas is more
about the birth of little Jesus.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with your parents, children
and grandchildren since that is what Christmas is all about, family, love,
joy and peace.

Gold bless all of you with health and happiness.  Vilma

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April Mechelle said...

You are truly blessed with a beautiful family !