Saturday, December 12, 2009

A finish and a wip from Sylvia

Sylvia was kind enough to share a finished piece of her
sampler Dames Boarding School, which turned out so
beautiful, thank you Sylvia.

Sylvia also sent me a picture of her wip of ATS, which
she stitched on while recuperating after surgery, since she
had problems and it took a while for her incision to heal.
But thank God she is doing well now. Everyday she would
set a goal to stitch a little motif and it gave her something
to look forward to, she found joy and sometimes humor in
all the little aspects of the design. She is stitching it on 40
count linen, using silk since she wanted some solids as well
as some variagated threads. She also expressed how much
this piece helped in her recuperation.

Thank you so much Sylvia for your kindness in sharing these
pictures with me and hope you are feeling well, looking forward
to seeing more of your progress or finished piece.


Anonymous said...

I stitched Dames Boarding School last year.......
beautifull piece

April Mechelle said...

Beautiful ATS !