Monday, July 6, 2009


These are some pictures we took in New Orleans, when we visited
my older sister Milu (Maria) and brother-in-law Magnel, also our
wonderful niece and nephew Tracy and Brent, who have a camp house
and decorated it so beautiful and it is by the water if you go out on
the deck, is where Jeannette, Steve and the boys stayed. Also we
had so much seafood fixed in every way and form it was so delicious,
and New Orleans is the place for it.

These pictures are of Alex, Grant, Jeannette and her husband Steve.
I am waiting for some pictures of my sister and niece and the rest
of the family.

We had the best Christmas and New Year's of our life because we
were able to be with our loved ones who we had not seen in a long
time. So dear Sis if you see this know how much I love and miss you.

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Melissa said...

Lovely family photos. I love the one with the two boys where the baby seemed so interesting in the electronics already!

Thanks for the lovely new freebie!