Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Model was stitched on a half yard linear cut
hand-dyed linen with 28 color of GAT. I have
received so many pictures of this design stitched
in so many counts of linen, even one over one.
People have sent me pictures where they won
blue ribbons on this design.

When Anna and I came up with this design it was
just going to be the upper part of Adam and Eve,
then the idea hit me when I saw that part stitched
on such a long piece of linen, why not continue
stitching it as a band samplar and add more biblical
scenes to it and put the figure of a woman with the
lion and the lamb, to show peace between animals
and humans. Anna Baird did such an exceptional
work on this design, but unfortunately did not live
long enough to see what a tremendous impact this
design had on the market. Anna died from cancer
two months after this design was released.

Stitch count is 169w X 809h

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Deb said...

This piece has to be my most favorite piece that I have ever stitched, bar none. I loved every minute of it and wanted more when I was finished. It hangs at the bend in our stairwell so each and every day I see it!