Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My friend Joann M. has sent me more photos and I am so enjoying them. Joann is a dear friend from the Legacy BB that I *met* many years ago. She had loaned many of her pieces to an LNS which burned down and she lost most of her work. Now she has begun to restitch them all again. Thank you, Joann for sharing all these wonderful photos with me and allowing me to share them with everyone here.

First her EFTH wall! Love how you have arranged them all. Top left is Flowers of Joy, then Mermaid of the Sea. Bottom left is ESH 1793 Sampler and then The Windmill.

A closeup of Flowers of Joy:

A closeup of the ESH 1793 Sampler:

And lastly Quaker Heart:


Melissa said...

Wonderful work and great photos. I have 2 of those charts and can't wait to stitch 'em!

Cindy F. said...

Oh wow!! Love Joann's wall and her beautiful stitches!!!