Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Mary Ann sent me scans of her ATS and while the paste job isn't the best (Sorry Mary Ann) you can certainly see the wonderful stitching that she has done. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful progress with us. Be sure to click on it to get a good look on Mary Ann's beautiful
work, personally I think the golden color linen gives it a beautiful antique look.

Mary Ann states that she

"started this design a number of years ago, and worked thru most of Pg3 ... picked it up again this year and have progressed into the 'last scene'.

Fabric: 35ct hand dyed from the Scarlet Letter (it is a golden tone fabric)
Fibers: GAST, mostly the colors as charted except where they did not contrast well with the fabric, or the dyelot just did not work as well as another color hanging on the shelf. There was a 'gold' color that was more muddy brown and I did not use it for the crowns, for instance."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vilma, don't worry,looks fine to me :) ... my pasting needs a lot of practise that's why I chickend out and sent the pieces. Hope this will be helpful for anyone interested in stitching this design. One color I did change was the flesh color for Adam and Eve ... I found one with a bit of pink blush in it and used it for Eve ... don't know how well it shows up in the scan. For Adam I used primarily the beige tones.

Mary Ann