Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A surprise birthday for my DH

It all started with my daughter and I planning a little surprise birthday for my DH, we wanted to have a special cake made for him, so we started looking at  some Martha Stewart magazines and we found this square cake but she showed it in white and pink, but we went to our bakery who has always done our family cakes and came up with this.

A three layer chocolate fudge cake mix (super moist) with lots of cream icing, a darker chocolate icing for the ribbons across and a lighter chocolate icing for the ribbon, the tag is made out of sugar and the cake looked like a present box.

We grilled sirloin steaks, chicken breast and salmon marinated in ginger and garlic, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and a nice salad, my husband and the rest of the family had a great day outside where
my son-in-law and daughter were doing all the cooking.

Then we came inside and sang happy birthday to him, but most of all he was so impressed with his cake.
We sat down and just splurged on the delicious cake, which was delicious. I also did three floral arrangements and placed them in diferente areas, so happy birthday my dear wonderful husband.

But what he mostly enjoyed was seeing his grandchildren having a great time in the yard, we played a ball game and threw horseshoes and rings on the pole, had a bubble contest which the boys (that includes him also) had a wonderful time. So my DH I hope you had a wonderful birthday and may God allow us to enjoy many more with you and you with us.


April Mechelle said...

Beautiful cake and cute pictures of the grandkids !!! Glad your DH had a great Birthday !!

K-G Knitter said...

The cake looks fantastic! Your hydrangeas are just lovely!

Deb said...

Give your husband a Happy Birthday from me. That cake looks incredible and looks like it tasted incredible too. Love the pictures of the waterslide and pool. Why do kids have to have all the fun??

Alice said...

What a super birthday party. That cake is unbelievable and by the sound of it, it tasted as good as it looked.