Sunday, June 27, 2010

WIP OF A.W. 1756

I have picked up another of my wips that I started years ago WOW I do not even remember when, but I have picked it up again and have been stitching  on this reproduction sampler from the SL.

If you go back a couple of post, you will see where I had left off when I put it away. I am working it on 40 count linen that I dyed, since I did not like the linen this kit came with, but I am using the silk threads
which are Au Ver A Soie in the colors Rose Red (4623) and Dark Brown (4136)

This is a Vierlande sampler and what caught my eye was that it was all in one color, with the exception of A&E hair and the serpent in a very dark brown color. I really am so happy that I decided to finish this wip of so many, many years ago. I am enjoying the couple of hours I have available to stitch it. I will post another picture when I finish it.

Blessings to all, Vilma


Wawanna said...
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Wawanna said...

(Sorry I hit the publish button instead of the preview button) LOVE - LOVE- LOVE your colors. As one of your groupies, & great admirers it's fun to see what you are working on! Your stitching is as exquisite as your designs!

Jennifer said...

This is beautiful!! What a lovely color and monochromatics are so fun to stitch.
Very pretty!


Marsha said...

this is a gorgeous sampler. I love that color red. I'm not a red person but I like when other people stitch with it and this is very nice. I like how the brown pops out. I hope you finish this stunner.

The Mad Stitcher said...

Vilma, I love this. The colors are fabulous. Wonderful job as usual.