Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More of my personal finished samplers.

This is my finished sampler of Maria Dale 1835,
it is a simple sampler with a lovely verse, the graph
of this design is on volume #1 of Sampler and Antique
Needlework magazine, it is all stitched in one color
of thread.

France F. c1820, from Sheepish Antiques, I stitched
this reproduction on a 40 count linen with AVS silks.
I really enjoyed stitching this reproduction sampler and
the colors are lovely. I cannot believe that I stitched
this sampler 1988 wow how time flies.


This is one of my favorite antique reproduction
samplers that I have stitched. I bought it years ago
as a limited signed edition kit from the Scarlet Letter,
I really enjoyed stitching this and it hangs with pride
and joy in my home. It is very rare to find a Christmas
theme antique sampler and the overall design and
verse really attracted me to it.


Jennifer said...

You have an absolutely wonderful blog! I love your designs and especially will be looking for "Angels among us".
It's so pretty!

Jennifer Dalenberg
Feathers in the Nest

Reference Services said...

Your blog is outstanding! Here is a link to a blog post about a sampler in Sandusky: