Thursday, November 12, 2009


This one is EC 1774, which I stitched a long time ago, I used AVS silks on 40 count linen. All these samplers I stitched them  many years ago, but I wanted to share them with you all a little at a time, since I started stitching 28 years ago and fell in love with mainly samplers. They all hang on my walls in the office and I enjoy seeing what I have stitched through the years when I am working.

This is Elsa Nebel 1907, it is an old sampler that was a gift from a very dear friend. I have been thinking of reproducing it one day.

This is one of the first antique reproduction samplers I stitched from the Scarlet Letter. What attracted me to this sampler was the history that came with it.

Elizabeth Irwin was the mother of Benjamin Harrison, the nation's 23rd president, when she was 14 years old, Elizabeth and her sister Jane aften visited their aunt's home in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was on one of these visits they met their future husbands, the Harrison brothers. Jane Married William Henry Harrison Jr., and was mistress of the White House during her father-in-law's brief presidency (1841). Elizabeth married John Scott Harrison in 1831. They had ten children, including Benjamin, who became President in 1889. Elizabeth never lived to see her son in the White House.
She died in 1850, at age 40, after 19 years of marriage.

I wrote the history of this reproduction and put it in a white envelope and taped it on the back of my sampler, so when whoever gets it, will know why I stitched this simple alphabet sampler and know that is was the history that attracted me to it.  I stitched it on 35 count linen  with three colors of AVS.

This is also a antique reproduction, Lucy Minton 1844,  I stitch this one years ago, but I have forgotten who reproduced it. It has two kind of specialty stitches and it was a joy to stitch, I did mine in 40 count linen with AVS.

This one is a small reproduction sampler from Threads Through Time, Catharine Louisa Chamberlain 1844, it only uses three colors of threads, I did mines in 40 count linen with AVS.

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Nancy said...

All of your samplers are very pretty, and I'm sure they have sentimental attachment. Thanks for sharing them.