Monday, October 26, 2009


On Saturday we had a Stitching Birthday Party get together for Kathy the Madstitcher and her friend Angel.  We gathered at Kathy's house and there were 8 of us there including our honorary member of the Sisterhood, Jason, Kathy's wonderful and delightful son. I finally got to meet all of Kathy's friends that she talks about all the time.  There was Kiki, Angel, Tracy, Angela, Bunny, Kathy, and myself along with Jason who tried to hide and stay out of the way but we kept needing him to move things, carry things and, of course, have birthday cake with us.  He really should know that a good looking man can't get too far away from a bunch of women!  We had a wonderful meal cooked by Kiki and Kathy and then the cake.  I brought  Kathy's birthday cake with me since I have a fabulous bakery near me who
still makes the genuine buttercream frosting!  It was sinfully good and we all enjoyed it--even though we shouldn't have.  We then had presents and lots and lots of laughter.  We enjoyed lots of sharing of wips and finished pieces.  Tracy showed us a wonderful sampler she had stitched and made into a 25th Anniversary sampler (Jardin d'jour by Needlemania) where Kathy had charted out the personalization for it  Bunny was crocheting a wonderful afghan as a gift for a friend.  Angela was making a Towel cake for a wedding shower and it turned out simply fabulous.  Then she started making a "Marge Simpson" wig for Halloween.  She was so funny in it.  She promised to send us all photos of herself on Saturday night.  Angel was stitching on an autumn sampler that was done in beautiful vibrant fall colors.  I look forward to seeing it finished.  Kathy has been suffering from Shingles and wasn't feeling very well but she managed to do a bit of stitching on the casket she is doing.  It looks wonderful and I hope she will share it with us all when she finishes it.  She is so talented!   Kiki was working on Trinity and I was so glad to see it in person!  She is doing a fantastic job of it.  It is so much prettier in real life than any photos can show.  I did bring my AAWFAA and show it to the group.  I do love it so much.

I made Kathy show me some of her finished pieces and was very impressed with the cabinet she has displaying all her smalls and boxes.  I managed to get a picture of it where the flash didn't distort it too much.  o I thought I would show it to you so you could see how talented Kathy really is.  
Don't you think it is wonderful?  She has done several boxes and I just love the Mermaid Box and the pin keep, scissors pouch and fob.  There are so many beads and sparklies on it and it is finished inside with Dupioni Silk.  I just love it!   I stayed until almost 8:00pm just talking, laughing, and getting to know all my new "sisters".  They are such a wonderful group of ladies.  I cannot wait till the next time we get together.  Maybe we will actually get more stitching done then.

By the time I got home I was so tired.  I just wanted to go to bed.  But it was a good tired.  I enjoyed meeting my new friends.  Even my husband, Harold, commented on how nice everyone is and he wants me to continue to get together with them whenever I can.


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