Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some More Samplers

This is another of my wips that I took out, I also started this one years ago, but I want to finish stitching it afterI finish AAWFAA. This is a oop design from Sheepish Designs and it was designed by Cindy Bradford years ago when she was with SD.

I started this on a 35 count linen with AVS threads. Back then I started collecting all the SD and I am glad I have them all since since the very first one was released, since now they are out of print and there are still a couple of them that I want to stitch.

I wanted to share one of my five antique samplers that I own, this one is from Eliza Lee and it is dated 1841. It was stitched on a 55 gauze linen with silk threads and it has a very nice verse. The reason I bought it was because it was dated with the name of the stitcher.

The verse reads: We seek a rest beyond the grave, In everlasting day, Through floods and flames the passage lies, But Jesus guides the way.  I might reproduce it one day.


This is another of my personal stitched samplers, that I enjoyed stitching, I stitched it on a handwoven linen from the Scarlet Letter with AVS silk fibers, it has some specialty stitches, especially one over one, but frankly I do not remember who reproduced it, since I stitched it about 14 years ago.

AGNES ELAND HICK 1858                              
This is another of my personal finished samplers, it
is a Quaker reproduction and only called for three
colors of threads. I stitched it on 45 count linen using
AVS silks, I stiched it a long time ago, but I have been
looking for the graph to see who reproduced it, but I
cannot find it. I know it is somewhere, oh well I guess
it will show up one of these days.


Deb said...

All your samplers are beautiful Vilma. I just pulled out the Yellow House Sampler myself and think I'm going to start it soon, so I'm happy to see your progress on it. Gets me sparked even more to do it.

Anonymous said...

We had a stitch in at my house. One gal is working on your "The Needlecharmer". I scanned it. May I send you the scan of her work? She's done past the border before the words. Maria S.

Vilma aka Examplar Dame said...

I would love to have a scan of her work. Thank you.