Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some of The Stitcherhood designs

Just a picture of some of the graphs that I bought from Maria
"The Stitcherhood" since I liked them because I could do
some quick stitching for friends and families. You can check
out her other designs at and check
out  her blog for her nice
little freebies that she offers once in a while, she is a real sweet
person and a new friend.

This is another of my personal stitched samplers, it is from
Sheepish Designs and as you can see from the date on the
sampler, I stitched it a long time ago.

This is also one of my personal stitching samplers, it is also
from Sheepish Designs Antiques, but I personalized it
with my name and the date I finished it, so yes I have been
stitching for a while now and I have always loved samplers
since I like to display them in my home. You will notice
that this design came out more wide than the original one,
but that is because I used unevenweave hand woven linen
from the Scarlet Letter.

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Anonymous said...

I've stitched this wee green and pink one too. It's a Canadian antique sampler from the east coast. I stitched it as is and added my name along the bottom with small back stitches way back in 1993. A friend has done this one also. Maria S.