Saturday, April 23, 2011


I started this wip from Sheepish Designs so many years ago, and since I made a decision to finish them one by one after so many years of having them put aside. I decided to put a simple border on it since I felt something was missing on it after I finished it and felt it looked good. I also put the initials under the ballon of Alex and Grant since there are two boys in the air ballon and under the crowns I put the initials of my daughter and my son-in-law. So I decided that they would love this sampler for their anniversary, so I am off the hook now since I will not have to go out and look for a present. I will take a picture and share it with you all when I get it back from the framer. I will be crossing my fingers that they like it since I personalized it just for them.

Here is Grant who is two years old, having his first ride on a pony, he really loved it so much that his mom and dad had a hard time getting him off of him, he wanted to take the pony home, he had a great time. So I guess this will be a weekly adventure for him this summer.

I also ordered these six graphs that I had my eyes on for quite a while, but I really want to finish all my wips first before I start on these, I still had some money left over and ordered some graphs and scissors from  Pineberry Lane that I wanted. I will take pictures of them and show them on my next post. So there went my gifts certificates, but at least I spent it on something that I wanted.

Since I had received some gift certificates for my birthday and I never got to spend them since I really didn't see anything I wanted. But nosey  me had to go and check out Anita's Little Stitches and saw all these new scissors and I went bananas with not just one or two of them, but nine of them, I know I should not have done that but the temptation was there, so I just ordered them and received them 2 days later, wow that was a quick delivery. I also had ordered the cross scissors since I love crosses and Anita was so sweet and sent it to me as a gift. Love, love the cross scissor it is so well crafted and beautifully made. Thank you Anita for your wonderful gift, I will treasure it always.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter and hope all the mothers and grandmothers have a wonderful time with their children and grandchildren on their Easter egg hunt. God bless you all, Vilma 


Anonymous said...

Wow Vilma, you are a stitching machine! I love the border and the personalztion. I think it looks great. I'm sure your daughter will love it.

I love the scissors and you know I'm a collector too. Wow and such a fast delivery.

Love the photos of the your grandson on the pony he's so cute.

I hope you and your family have a great Easter.

Love you,

Jon said...

Hi Vilma,

I really like you blog, and I like the scissors and love your sampler.

Got to love the grandkids, he's cute.

Happy Easter to you and your family.


Deb said...

Hi Vilma - Love your finish! I had that one finished for years and years and actually just got it framed last year. Nothing like being a slacker, is there? Yours looks wonderful and don't you feel great having it finished now?

Love all those charts you picked up too. I think that you have a lot of stitching to keep you busy for a while and wonderful scissors to clip those threads.

Your grandson is absolutely adorable.

I hope that you are having a wonderful Easter!

Nancy said...

Those are beautiful scissors! Love the stitching finish and the new charts too!

TeresaB said...

Great finish! I'm sure they will cherish it and it is a perfect anniversary sampler the way you personalized it. That's one of the things I love about stitching don't you?

Great purchases too! Saw a few samplers in there that I keep looking at. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on some.

ktbellemom said...

Hi Vima,

Love your new finish and I know your daugher and SIL will be thrilled with the gift.

Love all of the scissors and charts, should keep you busy for a long time.

Got to love those grandkids. Great photos, thanks for sharing.