Friday, October 22, 2010


I want to thank Harriet for sharing some pictures of her finished piece of "FRIENDS" that she stitched for her friend Lorrie, who chose a beautiful way to display it, in a tray. Harriet said that when she first saw the design of "FRIENDS" she knew she wanted to stitch it for her dear friend Lorrie. that the inclusion of the cup just seemed like such a universal symbol of friendship and relaxation, yet you seldom see it in a sampler. Lorrie and Harriet often stitch together and have a cup of chai tea.  They are also part of a wonderful group that gathers twice a month so she included the words "Friends Count" which is the name of the group, and the first initials of the stitchers. She used fabric and floss colors that she knew her friend Lorrie liked. Also she stitched the letter "K" in the small heart in the bottom right corner as Lorrie's son is an unofficial member of their stitch group. Harriet said it was fun to stitch this sampler and personalize it for her wonderful friend Lorrie.  

How lucky and blessed are Harriet and Lorrie to be such good friends. I love the way Lorrie now displays it in her house in a beautiful tray to always remind her of Harriet's friendship.

Thank you again Harriet for sharing these pictures with me for my blog and the wonderful story behind it, it really touched my heart to see what a beautiful symbol of true friendship means.  

Blessings, Vilma 


The Mad Stitcher said...

Harriett did a fantastic job! I know that Lorrie is thrilled with this gift. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great job, looks wonderful.

Marylin /Poussy said...

very nice

lpat said...

I was the lucky person to be the recipient of this beautiful design. There is no feeling that describes how special you feel receiving something like this from a friend who takes the time to personalize it into a piece that basically gives you a warm hug every time you look at it. I really encourage everyone to take a second look at what they are going to stitch and turn into something personal for your friend, family or yourself.