Friday, October 8, 2010


Sorry I have not had time to blog much, first of all I have been under the weather and there has been some pleasant and unpleasant issues going on in my life. But I just had to post these pictures of the beautiful scissors, needles and scissor fobs that were a great temptation at Anita's little stitches, I just had to have them and finally had to order them.  Frankly the pictures does not do justice to how beautiful they are. My favorites are the ones on the lower picture, wow when I received them I could not believe how beautiful and well made they are and also very sharp, they measure six inches and just love them, Anita said that they will be available soon in the color black and asked her to let me know when she received them so I can order it also. Her service is first class and she ships right away, I like that. The black and silver ones and the copper one are also very beautiful and I love the fact of how sharp they are. Also I could not past from ordering some packs of the Bohin needles, just love them and they are a joy to stitch with. I was also very impressed with the two scissor fobs, they were a nice size and had a good weight to them. I also had to order the beautiful gold Santa Claus one, it was a beauty and happy to see how sharp it was, since that is something I always look forward to in a nice pair of scissors. 

I had two new designs to release for St. Charles but due to circumstances I was not able to. One is a band sampler called "BEHOLD MY WORK" and the other ones is a A&E called "REMEMBER US" if I cannot release them this year, I will release them in February of next year, will see how certain things turn out, as I said umpleasant issues are hard to deal with but then we have to move on, that is what life is about. Wishing everyone a happy and blessed weekend.  Vilma


SilkLover said...

Wow, Vilma! Your new scissor stash is twrrific! I haven't seen the longer ones before. I am sorry to hear your are experiencing difficulties. Hopefully they will pass soon.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope things get better soon. Just wanted you to know that And They Sinned is my favorite piece ever and I enjoyed every stitch. Going to look at those scissors now so thanks for sharing! Nancy D.

blueladie said...

Wow! They ARE beautiful! No wonder you couldn't resist! :D Cathryn

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your problems! I am in awe of your designs! I have a couple that I do want to attempt soon.
Do take care!!
Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

Vilma love the scissors, and the fobs are great. I totally understand about your troubles hope you can deal with this person soon.

marylin & poussy said...

That of beautiful things on your blog
Good continuation to you, all my marylin friendship France

Natalia said...

Vilma, I'm going right over to Anita's Little Stitches to check these scissors... I love them !! Thanks for sharing.

marylin & poussy said...

A young hello to you in passing,
A good day
Best regards marylin