Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hurray hurray I finally finished packing the two new designs.  This one is THEY FOLLOW ME and it was stitched on 38 count Examplar Blend #5 using 16 colors of Weeks Dye Work threads. The stitch count on this design is 165w x 174h.

The grassy area is stitched using half cross stitch to add texture and not volume. I would like to thank Tawny from "Where Victoria Angel's Stitch" for her help in recommending her friend Susan K from NJ to stitch the model.  Thank you, Susan for such a wonderful job :) :) Your stitching is beautiful and you got it done very quickly. Also my thanks to Ingrid for picking this frame, I just love it and it goes well with the design, it is 3 1/2 inches wide. Hope you all like this design and your comments mean alot to me since this is what keeps me going :) :)

And then we have GUARDING EDEN, which was stitched on 38 count Examplar Blend #38, using 16 colors of Gentle Art Sampler Threads. The stitch count on this design is 175w x 195h.

I would also like to thank Larene D from NJ, another friend of Tawny's from "Where Victoria Angels Stitch". So thank you, Larene for your beautiful and quick stitching of this model.   I would also like my friend Kathy for frogging out A&E since I was not satisfied with the flesh tone color.

You may choose not to fill in the verse or just fill in where it say's THE LORD GOD.  That is up to the choice of each stitcher. I love my model the way it looks and it is already hanging on my A&E wall, this frame is also 3 inches wide and to me it does complement the design. I greatly appreciate your comments, since they mean alot to me and to my designing :) :)

Enjoy the rest of the summer and hope all the mother's that have their children on vacation are having a wonderful time with them.

Many blessings to all of you, Vilma


K-G Knitter said...

They're both really lovely pieces! I think the idea of using half crosses in the grassy area is BRILLIANT! :)

Natalia said...

Vilma, I love your new designs !! I have to tell you that I just got the chart for The Shepherd and The Shepherdess and I am so excited.... I can't wait to start stitching it. It is my very favorite, I love the words in it and the design....

Jeannine 520 said...

Fantastic. They're both equally lovely and look great in their frames. Since I can't pick a favorite I'll be adding both of them to my stash soon.

Alice said...

Vilma, both your new designs are just breathtaking. They are very different from each other which makes them all the more special. There is no doubt, I will need to stitch both. You did a super job designing these. Honestly, you have yet to design something I don't like.

Wawanna said...

Both designs are exquisite, but I LOVE "My Sheep". The verse is one of my all time favorites! Thank you for your lovely designs and with Bible verses! You are truly gifted and spread you Faith in an awesome way!

Flaglady8 said...

Just beautiful designs, the Bible verses mean so much to me!

Anonymous said...

Vilma, love the new designs--especially they Follow Me. Will be getting that one for sure.

marylin & poussy said...

splendid embroidering
best regards