Saturday, July 3, 2010


This is my new release for July, it is called "GUARDING EDEN, it was stitched on my 38 count hand-dyed linen, Examplar blend #5 and stitched with 16 colors of GAST. Also Ingrid did a great job in helping me pick this wide frame (3 inches wide) which goes well with the design.

Everything is at the printers right now and will start packing it as soon as they are ready. This model was stitched by Larene of NJ, I was not happy with the flesh tone of A&E so Kathy rip and re-stitched it with another GAST color.

I really love how this design turned out and love the verse, hope to hear your comments about this new design. Stitch area: 175W x 195H

This is the other new design which is called " THEY FOLLOW ME" which is still at the framers and Ingrid and I picked out another wide beautiful frame, but it will not be released until August since I have too much going on right now. This model was stitched on 38 count hand-dyed linen, Examplar blend #5 and stitched with 16 color of WDW. I am on the thinking wagon if I should release it or not.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, as for me I have no idea why my summer got so busy with so much going on, I guess I really am trying to do too much on the outside instead of the inside of the house. Working in the yard, doing things and going places and working on other things that are keeping me busy. Wishing you all a wonderful summer and hope to hear from you all on your comments about this design. Not a very good picture but will post it when it is framed. Frankly I do not know what I am doing posting new releases at 4:30 AM, but then that is what happens when you take long naps since we have company and have been going out alot entertaining them, so when we get home I have been napping in the afternoons lately, so I am guilty now and staying up late, too late since I cannot sleep and we have another busy day tomorrow yikes. Better go to bed now and try to get some sleep so I don't look like a zoobie like in about five or six hours from now, So good morning everyone and blessings, Vilma


Alice said...

LOVE your new designs Vilma!!!

Vonna said...

OH GRAVY and mashed potatoes! I absolutely ADORE "Guarding the Garden"!!! And "They Follow Me" is just the grass with the sheep in it. LOVELY!
Both will be on my to purchase ASAP list ;)

Natalia said...

Did I read correctly that you are not sure if you want to release THEY FOLLOW ME or not??? Please do !! I think it is beautiful. I also like Guarding Eden. You are very talented Vilma !!

Deb said...

YIPEE! I've been waiting for this one Vilma and I'm so excited! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I love, love it!!!! I was going to start Temptation soon, but I think that Guarding Eden just has to be first!!!

And don't think twice about Follow Me. You have to release it! I think it's wonderful too!!

Jeannine 520 said...

Both are fabulous! You absolutely should release They Follow Me.

Sylvia said...

Both are absolutely wonderful, I particularly like Guarding Eden.

Jo Ann said...

Vilma, Love,Love, Love the new A&E.It is already on my "need to purchase list." By the way where can we find the 38 ct. fabric?

The Mad Stitcher said...

Vilma, I love the framing of this one. You did a wonderful job on it.

JoAnn, you can get the Examplar Blend #5 from me at


Tracy said...

Vilma love the new design. You are such a talented designer and you are good at what you do because it shows.


Anonymous said...

Who distributes your patterns wholesale?

Linda Worley
Patches and Stitches
Huntsville, Alabama