Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some gifts, and SPECIAL "NEWS"

I was very blessed to receive some gifts for Christmas from some very special ladies.  First is the package from Angel who is one of my Stitching Sisters.    She gave me some beautiful glass headed pins,  some John James and Piecemaker Needles,  some Udderly Smooth hand cream and some chocolates that are no longer here.   Then Tracy of Tracy's Treasures another of my Stitching Sisters gave me a beautiful beaded scissors fob made from semi-precious stones and highlighted with a dimpled pearl dyed to match.  And my dear Madstitcher Kathy gave me another beautiful fob of royal purple Swarovski Crystals and tiny bumblebees and a gorgeous counting pin/lapel pin that I just love.

I also received from Linda, another friend, some pieces of her hand-dyed linens, in the colors Quaker Tan and Quaker Brown, they are absolutely lovely colors.  She also included some colors of her hand-dyed threads in the colors she knows I love.

Linda and her husband own the company "Stellar Fibers" they started dyeing fabric and threads not
long ago. If you are interested in her fibers this is her website and her email is  Thank you Linda for such a wonderful gift.


I think we need to start the New Year off with another giveaway!  Since JANUARY 16 IS MY BIRTHDAY  instead of receiving birthday presents I am going to give one away.  On January 16th I will give away a copy of "TRINITY" which has a very special meaning to me.  So please share your comments about why Trinity would be special to you.  We will choose the winner and post it on my birthday (lol lol another birthday)

Last I would like to thank Jolene and Melissa for asking about the samplers below, the first sampler is an antique, but it is not dated or signed, it is from the late 1860's or 1880's, I have received a couple of e-mails to reproduce it. Fanny Osborn is from the "Schoolhouse Samplings, the Adam and Eve is also an antique sampler in my collection, along with the last one, which is a Pennsylvannia Dutch sampler, and then there is the one from "Sheepish Antiques" of Betty Wood 1808 that I stitched. Again thank you Jolene, April Mechelle and Melissa for your kind comments.

God Bless, Vilma


Deb W. Pewaukee, WI said...

Here I am, checking out the newest beautiful chart! And happy birthday, by the way. :) Trinity would be special to me for a couple of reasons - first, I love samplers! Secondly, the name is so close to my heart and my faith - there would be joy in each stitch simply because the name puts my focus where it needs to be. Next, because of the designer and the thoughts of have after working on And They Sinner for so long - I feel like we are friends after all this time!! Lastly, this lovely design and colors - my fingers are itching to start stitching this beautiful piece!!!

Jennifer said...

You will love Piecemaker needles! I just tried them for the first time this week and I'm sold!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Feathers in the Nest

April Mechelle said...

Vilma, I am reading your post in wonderment. I was studying my Bible Tonight. Guess what I was studying. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit ! Trinity !! The Lord is Great !! Your Friend in Alabama, April. I love the Chart!!

Diana said...

An early happy birthday to you! My birthday is also this month. That is one of the reasons winning this design would be special to me. It also would be special because it is being given by you. If I win could you please autograph it for me? Thanks,Diana (

Zandra said...

Hi Vilma! Happy Birthday! I really love Trinity and would love to win it. To me Trinity signifies the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and I wear a cross at all times to help me remember this. This piece would be special to me as it symbolizes all that I believe in. Thank you.

nuffsaid said...

First of all, Trinity immediately makes me think of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that is foundational to my own Christian faith. Second, your chart, Trinity, is absolutely beautiful! I follow your ventures on, and your designs and creativity are wonderful. Third, your chart has an Irish/Celtic feel to me, which I also love. Fourth, I love designs which reflect Christian faith without it being blatently I would be so honored to have one of your charts. Happy birthday! Carolyn

donnatl2004 said...

Hi Vilma I already have Trinity and really need to stitch it..just want to wish you a very happy birthday you do remember that you are my husbands twin you share the exact same b-day month day and year....Donna

Claudia said...

Happy Birthday!! I love Trinity. It is a beautiful chart and just the name reflects the complete picture of God with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The colors you chose are unbelievably close to the colors in my den. We have a weekly small group in that room and I know it would add so much in there. I also love the balance in the piece - which is also reflective of the Trinity. Even if I'm not the winner of this chart I will still be purchasing it.

Kelly S. said...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! First the colors are just fabulous! The design is stunning and really reminds me of my Mom who is currently ill with terminal cancer with probably 3 to 4 months left. I would love to stitch this for her before she passes.

Left Sox said...

This design is actually more special to my MIL who is very religious and I have always wanted to stitch her something for her birthday (Dec 20th) and I think this is perfect for her! It is already in my to do list and I have only just heard of your design! It's not only a wonderful sampler with special religious meaning for you and her (and me;) but also you have managed to stitch it in the perfect colors for her house!!! I can't wait to make it for weather I win or not!

Linda said...

Happy Happy Birthday Vilma! Birthdays are so special. :-)

I love this design for a couple of reasons. First, the colors are fantastic! Your talent for color schemes is wonderful. Most importantly, the cross at the center is powerful. It immediately catches your attention and people will know of our faith.

Jill Klasen said...

Happy Birthday Vilma....hope you have many more wonderful years of designing!!!
I would love to stitch the TRINITY sampler for my sister in law. Her two sons (my nephews) are in the seminary in Illinois and one will already be ordained a Catholic priest this coming Memorial Day. The other son will be ordained in two years. Their third and last child, a daughter is thinking of joining the Catholic church as a nun upon her graduation from college this year. I think of three, but her three children all giving service to God.

Thanks and again, Happy Birthday!!

Jill from WI

Robert Harris said...

Happy Birthday Vilma! Trinity is truly a remarkable sampler. As one stitches it they can be reminded so much of what true love is.

bathroom lights said...

Wow, what great gifts!