Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Deb Wohlleben from Pewaukee, WI. was kind enought to share
some pictures of her "ATS" she said she has many memories within
this piece, she said that this sampler with the Biblical stories really
appealed to her and she loves samplers. Deb is now working on
the grass of the bottom part. She stitched her model with the fibers
called for.

We have exchanged some e-mails and not only is she beautiful on
the outside but also on the inside, what a beautiful person she is.

Thank you so much Deb for sharing these pictures for my blog. Deb
is also a Senior Consultant with Creative Memories (ID#11719458)
 please check out all of her 2009 Events along with Features, Promotions
 and more at www.mycmsite.com/dwohlleben



Jennifer said...

OH MY LANDS! I'm sitting here in awe of such a big piece! And oh so beautiful!!!!!!

Deb W said...

Thank you! It's been SO much fun to stitch - I'm going to miss it when I'm actually finished! :)

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

I enjoyed this piece. You can see mine framed on my blog.