Friday, September 4, 2009


Well frankly these were very sad pictures to
take since they meant that my oldest grandson
Haven had to go back home and get ready for

We had a wonderful time with him and he had
a wonderful time also since he went to Dollywood,
TN, camping, swimming, Toys 'R' Us (this is his
favorite place hahaha) Alex and Haven had a wonderful
time getting to see each other again, we had slumber
parties at the house, seeing lots of movies and fixing
their favorite snacks (my husband and I would just
look at one another and say "when will they fall asleep,
we are just to old for this) it brought back memories
when our kids use to have slumber parties and drive
us crazy.

But anyway my heart broke in two seeing him go and
only God knows when we will get to see him again, we
are thinking Christmas (maybe) he is such a wonderful
and sweet little boy.

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Dianne said...

You have such a lovely family. Thanks for sharing with us.