Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is "REMEMBER US" which was stitched on my 38 count hand-dyed linen using 15 colors of WDW hand dyed threads. The designs is 136wX222h. Model was stitched by Tracy Yandle from North Carolina, thank you so much Tracy for the wonderful job you did in stitching this model.

Here is my model daughter holding the new design of "REMEMBER US" as always Ingrid helps me choose the best frames for my new releases.
This is the other new design "BEHOLD MY WORK" it is a band sampler that was stitched on 34 count hand-dyed linen with 3 colors of Florimell Silk Floss by Gloriana. The design took 40 yards of each color to stitch.
Colors that were used were Inca Gold, Schoolhouse Red and Antique Black. I would like to thank Anne from Gloriana for the courtesy of her beautiful hand-dyed silks for this design. Last but not least I would also want to say thank you so much to Mindy Gooding from Texas for her patience in stitching the model while she was recuperating from a knee surgery, as always I love how beautiful she always stitches my models. The design
is 252wX367h. It took me a while and alot of thinking before making the decision to release it.
Here is a picture of my daughter holding the framed new design of "BEHOLD MY WORK" so you can all see how big it turned out.
My wonderful husband had my finished sampler of Ann Kirby framed, since I had picked out that frame one day and I guess he remembered and surprised me with my sampler all framed up and ready to hang on the wall, so what better present for a stitcher to receive. That is my son-in-law Stephen holding the framed sampler while I took a picture so you can all see the the size of sampler. So even though I was sick, it really made my day special receiving these wonderful gifts on my birthday.

I was showing my daughter this beautiful scissor fob on Tracys blog that I loved because it was made with turquoises (my favorite stone) and I loved that it had coral, turquoise and silver rondels, and loved the tail detail that she did on the horse, so my daughter bought it so my grandchildren could give it to me on my birthday, love it, love it and it is a very long and heavy scissor fob, there is no way that I would ever misplace my scissors on this scissor fob.

My wonderful friend Tracy Yandle from "Tracys Treasures" made and sent me for my birthday a beautiful scissor fob made of beautiful peach and gold color aventurines with a beautiful butterfly in between the stones and a BIG "B" at the end. I received it the day of my birthday, thank you so much Tracy for your beautiful gift, I will treasure it always and think of you when I am stitching. Tracy is creating some unique and one of a kind chatelaines and scissor fobs for sale, please visit her blog.

My daughter brought me a beautiful vase with two dozen of roses for my birthday with a beautiful hand painted card, also DH gave me a beautiful card and since I had been sick in bed with a bad bronquitis we were not able to go out for dinner, but I really enjoyed their surprised visit with the grandchildren who brought me a delicious chocolate fudge cake with chocolate butter cream frosting.

My many thanks to Faye, Tracy, Susan, Natalia, Alice, April Mechelle, blueladie, tender rose for your wonderful and kind comments, and also Alma Allen :) yes Alma I am really enjoying my ipad, downloading books, music and games like crazy. Hope you are enjoying yours also.

Many blessings to everyone and hope you all have a wonderful Valentine day, Vilma


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comments, and I loved stitching for you. I'm so happy that you love the scissor fob, and hope that you enjoy using for a long time. I enjoyed talking to your daughter when she called me to order it for you. So sorry to hear that your were sick on your birthday, but see that you had a nice one anyway. I also liked seeing your family holding the framed pieces. Very nice.

Love you,

mainely stitching said...

Everything is so beautiful! I really love your new design!!

Kathy said...

Love the new designs!!!!

Deb said...

This post is a feast for the eyes!!! I love your new design and just love your Ann Kirby piece. Beautiful!

Natalia said...

Vilma, so great to hear from you !!! Happy B-Day to you !! As always, I love your designs and I am so glad you decided to publish your band sampler.... I think it is absolutely beautiful !! Your framed pieces are gorgeous too !! Those are great little fobs from your friends...

donnatl2004 said...

Happy B-Day Vilma same exact day as my DH you are his twin :) I love your new designs and beautiful fob gifts..Mindy did a wonderful job on the model stitch...Donna

grace said...


I live in the UK - How can I purchase this new design and the Linen?

Many thanks

Grace Tasker

KimV said...

Oh Vilma! I found your blog! I'm so excited! I LOVE your designs... I am currently working on Resurrection. I am also working on a small A&E sampler, I have listed many A&E samplers that I want to do... of course "And they sinned" is on my list as well as Guarding Eden and Remember Us.
Behold My Work is gorgeous! and large! And your Ann Kirbe is beautiful!
I hope you have a wonderful week!

Pilar GutiƩrrez Daganzo said...
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Vilma aka Examplar Dame said...

Grace, you can order it through Traditional Stitches in Canada, Janice is wonderful to deal with and she handles
shipping for your area. Hope this helps.

Regards, Vilma