Friday, September 17, 2010


We did a small celebration on Grant's birthday at his house, since we could not do his birthday party since he and my daughter were sick, so I decided to have a cake made for him (yes monkeys, he loves monkeys and his best buddy is is stuffed monkey who sleeps with him every night, he gets very upset when he cannot find his monkey) he was so happy when my husband and I showed up unexpectedly with his cake and his birthday gifts. We ordered two delicious Italian pizzas, sang him happy birthday twice and then he cut his cake and shared it with all of us.

After that he opened his birthday presents all excited and we played with him, that got a big smile out of him even though he was not feeling well, then his big brother Alex entertained us with his guitar, playing a couple of songs for us. There is a gap of 8 years between Alex and Grant. Grant tends to look up to his big brother, he loves his big brother.

So that was our Saturday evening  gathering with the family and my husband and I were very blessed and happy to celebrate another birthday with a another grandchild, Thank you God.


Alice said...

Wow, what a super cake. Beautiful grand-children Vilma. The little fella clearly enjoys his party. Magic moments.

The Mad Stitcher said...

Wonderful photos, Vilma! Look at those eyelashes! Any woman would give anything for those. Glad you had a good time.