Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is the latest photo of AAWFAA.  My progress is slow because I have been spending so much time working in my garden.  But I thought you might enjoy seeing an update.

 I don't usually show the back sides but someone was asking about it so I thought I would share that also.  I always try to keep my backs looking neat but sometimes it is easier than other times.

I also thought I would share with you some photos of my latest stash,  I am a scissor fanatic and I should have never checked with Madstitcher  but I did and found these beautiful scissors on her website and had to have them, are they not beautiful!! The top two are a matte pewter look.  They are called Middle Ages and the matte Storks. They are very sharp and really feel nice in the hand.   I love the black ones, they are the flying witch, the black sheep, the smiling cat and the wide eyed owl and she also has a white sheep scissor but did not have any in stock, so she is ordering me one, I just love those sheep scissors. The big black one, is a very old scissor I had for years, I found it at a garage sale when we lived in TN and love it, I am always looking for old scissors.

I am thrilled that Kathy is now the USA distributor for Gigi R designs.  I have some of the Letter Samplers since I am collecting the initials of my husband, children and grandchildren and also mine to stitch one of these days, I am waiting for Gigi to release the "H". Kathy says it should be ready in the next week or so.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day.  Blessings to each of you who are mothers or have been role models for children.  I think this is the most important role we have as women today. and we should celebrate and honor those who have undertaken this job whether through biology or not.

Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather and stitching away, well I am off to the nursery to find some plants I need.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Mother's.

Blessings, Vilma


K-G Knitter said...

If I had backs like that, I'd never photograph the front! Your work is gorgeous!

Bunny in VA said...

Vilma, I love your scissors collection! I really wish I could see it in person. I miss all you guys since I moved.

Love, Bunny

Deb said...

Oh my goodness - you're on the homestretch with AAWFAA. I just love it! And I can't believe how perfect your background is. I was thinking about you today because I just got a piece that you designed from the framer's yesterday - The Evil Serpent. It's going to be such a great addition to the A&E wall. Now I need to start working on Temptation.

Katrina said...

Love you AAWFAA, I have a tiny start on it and seeing yours makes me want to get going on it :-). Pretty scissors too.

marylin & poussy said...

Hello, I write you of France, I know very well gigi's letters
Your embroidery is magnificent which beautiful work
Best regards of marylin France

Alice said...

The AAWFAA looks great and you have made a lot of progress. The back side is perfect as one would expect from you. : ) I love a tidy back side. Scissors really are addictive. I have a hard time stopping myself from collecting. Gigi creates such lovely letters. Nice collection you already have there. Have a lovely and happy Mother's day too.
PS. Enjoy the gardening. It's good for the soul.

Isadarena said...

Hello Vilma , I just discovered your blog thanks a friend and I realized how many beautiful samplers you have designed .
I also like a lot your collection of scissors . and what awonderful samplers wall you have : just stunning !!
Very soon, I am thinking in starting on your "And they Shinned" : a fabulous desing :-)
I am going to become a follower in order to see all your new posts.
Have agreat day and I wish you spent a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday ,
Isabelle from France
I wish you a great day ,