Saturday, April 24, 2010


These are some pictures of my office where I design,
and  work 10 to 12 hours a day. As you can all see the
walls are all full of samplers and I have run out of space
to hang any more samplers in my office walls,  I have hung
some of my other samplers in my bedroom, family room,
stairs and the kitchen. I wanted to share with you all
where I spend my days.

I love my office my husband gifted me with because I
can work in peace and concentrate on my future designs,
and nobody can bother me since I lock myself in.

I also have my treadmill so I can take some time to
work out when my back and legs get a little stiff, right now
I am doing a overall spring cleaning since it was a mess and
I had to organize everything in order.

Right now I am dedicating my time to my garden and doing
fun things with my family, especially the grandchildren. When
the weather gets warmer we will be going to the beach, camping
and hiking and lot of outdoor entertainment, which I need after
the cold weather and being indoor so much. I need to get some
vitamin D in my body.

Thank you for stopping by and would love to hear your

Many blessings, Vilma


Melissa said...

What a lovely space to create, Vilma! Thanks for sharing the photos!

marylin & poussy said...

Oh I know how to only say in front of such marvels! What is the name of the creator which inspires you most! We would say at home a musé! What a talent! I shall really like seeing these marvels closely! I write you of France and I can say to you that here in France nobody exaggerates as you! You have an exceptional talent! I am admiring in front of so many beautiful things! What a luck(chance) and what a patience you have! In how many years you have manages to embroider(exaggerate) all this? You are wonderful sincerely!
Accepted my friendship in any simplicity! Marylin and poussy

Alice said...

Its so cosy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your samplers!!! Looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Just took a quick peek before I get ready for church. I'll make certain I have an "in depth" look when I get back. Everything looks wonderful! Maria S.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm back and I'm drooling. What gorgeous walls you have Vilma. How much joy you must get looking at all your lovelies everytime you raise your eyes from what you are working on. Don't ever sell your house. Some silly real estate person would want you to remove all the samplers "to make the house more appealing to buyers". Don't believe that for a moment. Maria S.

Jennifer said...

That is an awesome display! Beautiful indeed and so inspiring to have those all over! My dream!

Feathers in the Nest

samplerlover said...

Hi Vilma, thank you for your kind words on my sampler. It is moving along wonderfully and should be finished very soon. Unfortunately I can't update my blog at the moment as our desk top had to go in for repairs.
What a wonderful collection of samplers you have. I really love your work. You are a very talented lady. - Sandra.

Wawanna said...

A stitcher's dream! This must be heaven (just a little taste, anyway). All those awesome samplers, yes your walls are full. No wonder you enjoy spending so much time in this room, its bodacious and so very well organized. Neat as a pin. PLEASE, what size is the room? I have a stitching room also, but it looks nothing like yours! Thanks for sharing; love your room and love your designs!

Anonymous said...

Your office is gorgeous Vilma. I love all of your samplers on the walls. What a great inspriation.


Katrina said...

Wow, what a gorgeous office!!! Love it.

K-G Knitter said...

What a wonderful space to be able to create! I have to say, I love love love your amoire. No wonder you're able to create such beautiful designs, you've set up a gorgeous place to be inspired.

Françoise said...