Monday, March 15, 2010

New WIP Photos from Kiki

Kiki has really been stitching and has sent me more photos of her wips.

This is Trinity: All she has left to do is finish the border. Isn't it gorgeous? Kiki you are doing a fabulous job on this one.

And here is the beginning of her Quaker Virtues Project. Kiki has chosen 9 of the Quaker Virtues designs and is stitching them on 1 large piece of fabric. She chose not to do Faith as it has a slightly different stitch count (although this is easily corrected) and is doing the other nine alphabetically--Honesty, Humility, Love, Patience, Peace, Prosperity, Obedience, Strength, and Wisdom. 3 across x 3 down.  She is leaving 10 stitches (20 threads) between each section making this a total of 440 x 470. She is using 36 ct fabric 1 over 2. So the total size for this will be 24.5 x 26.2 plus whatever margin she leaves when finishing it.

I don't know if  you can see it in the photo but she has gridded out all nine squares so she can get her placement right. I cannot wait to see how this comes out. Several people have mentioned doing this but this is the first person I know of who has actually started it. Thank you so much, Kiki, for sharing your beautiful work with us.  Please keep us updated.


marylin & poussy said...

What a splendid embroidering! with this superb crucifix c 'est! j 'aime a lot your blog, j 'espère to see you at home
best regards of FRANCE

Anonymous said...

Kiki has done a fabulous job on these. Can't wait to see more progress.