Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Mehitable Terril is believed to have been
born somewhere in the State of Pennsylvania
to a "Kings Daughter". There are very few records
indicating exactly where, and it is presumed that
she grew up in a area of German extraction.

Mehitable's mother is believed to have been a "King's
Daughter" meaning that she had been sent by the
King of France aboard a ship to help settle this land,
with little or nothing to her name. When she landed
in the colonies, she had to choose a husband and begin
a new life raising a family.

The year 1793 is the birth date of Mehitable's or it may
even be the year that she met her husband to-be. John
Owens Spafford. They married and settled in Vermont
on a farm making out a living in what at that time was
generally known to be wilderness, they had 8 children,
5 of which were boys and 3 girls.

I wish to thank Mrs. Evelina Baird for the intensive research
she did on this sampler, that by the way belongs to her.

Reproduction was stitched on 35 count Pebblestone hand-
dyed linen with Old Willow threads with a DMC conversion.

The stitch count of the design is 166w X 180w.

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